Where Do Our Avocados Go?

We know where our avocados come from? But where do they go?

1. To you. We hand pick them when you order them. They go into the harvest bag, then onto a sorting table and scale, and then into a USPS priority box with recycled material and a recipe card. This entire process is usually handled by only one person, making you the second person to ever touch your avocado.

2. To local stores like Living Tea Kombucha in Oceanside, CA. This usually involves two pickers to pick and pack the fruit. Then, we deliver the box (or two) of green avocados for locals to pick up while refilling their growlers with the tastiest booch in town.

​3. At the end of the season, whatever fruit is still hanging must go! Fruit is hand picked from the tree and placed into a large bin carrying up to 800 pounds of avocados. This might require 2-5 pickers depending on how many thousands of pounds of avocados remain. A few years ago we followed our bins up the freeway to Riverside CA to the packinghouse of Index Fresh. There our avocados are sorted and boxed, and tagged for special pick-up by Chipotle, the largest purchaser of avocados in the country.

A grove ready for harvest.