We’re Back

We’re back online and ready to serve. The truth is we never went anywhere. We’re trees after all. And some of us have been in the ground since the late 1960’s.

Since I purchased the orchard in 2004, it’s been a slow process learning the seasonal needs and nurturing of the avocado trees. This has taught me a lot about Earth pace. Everything has it’s time under the sun. Some trees have many months of visible life springing to action, making leaves, flowers or fruit. Others only get a couple of weeks to shine. But each season, whether sleeping or in service, is important to the overall process. I apply this Earth Pace to my busy-ness as well. We humans measure progress by how much we do in a day, but at what cost? The Earth isn’t going anywhere. Or is there irony in that thought? The Earth is very much changing due to humans’ over-doing it. But I digress, this is a post about the slow pace of sharing avocados for now.

Avocados are not native to California, but they do well here in partnership with human stewards. And that’s what we are. We love our old trees and want to keep them vibrant and healthy. So to best serve the environment at large, we aim to keep shipping to a minimum as most of the fruit is sold locally here in San Diego at Cream of the Crop Grocery Store in South Oceanside, and at various locations of Living Tea Kombucha.

But follow us on the socials and we’ll do our best to let you know when we let some of the fruits fly to far away places. Our gift boxes are as good as sending flowers to someone you love. We only ship the best looking, best tasting fruit. I know you’ll love them and care about them as much as I do.

More to come,