Welcome to the Mranch

Welcome to Mraz Family Farms, currently a 17-acre operation cultivating Organic California Avocados, California Grown Coffee, and World Peace. We are essentially a mom and pop shop growing exotic & specialty crops.

Owner-Operators Jason & Christina Mraz, with the help of an extended family, take pleasure in growing delicious, healthy fruit with the utmost respect for those devouring it – and the Earth providing it. We take care of our people, plants, and precious soil.

Purchased in 2004, our Mranch was formerly an old-growth avocado grove, with tall canopied trees planted in the early 1970’s. By aggressively pruning the trees in a process called stumping, the trees are given a few generations of growth in their lifetime. Unfortunately, the old trees are just beginning their final generation. So, in our most recent stumping (2015) we began converting the ranch to make space for new trees, new fruit varieties, and a new family operation.

A very exciting addition to Mraz Family Farms is our joining the curious crew of California Coffee Growers, offering 11 specialty varietals of Arabica Coffee. By following this blog you’ll be able to participate in the journey of growing, processing, roasting, and sipping our selections of single-origin, estate grown coffee. It’s a patient game the farmer plays. So you too will have to be patient. Our beans won’t be for sip or sale until at least 2020. If we’re lucky!

But our amazing Hass Avocados will soon to be in stock from January-June 2017. From the tree to your taco, guacamole, chocomole, or toast – we guarantee our avocados are delicious.

Avos have a hang-time of 6 months. Which means we don’t pick them until you order them. Then we ship them right away, allowing them to ripen naturally in your care. They are not gassed like they are in stores. It is a luxury to eat and taste food the natural way, and we are happy to get to share this with you.

In hard-working farm-life there should be no wasted effort or material. Through the ranch-conversion process, much wood was mulched and turned into nutritious compost, but many beautiful trunks and branches were set aside for us to make shelves and supplies for our main operations barn. The reuse value of this byproduct was so inspiring we started making other fun items such as serving boards, spice dishes, spatulas, keepsake jars, and earrings. Who knew permaculture could be so stylish?

Explore this site to learn more about the people, products, and plans of our family farm. It’s a magical place with a big heart. And it’s our home. All are welcome here.

Peace & Love,
The Mraz’s