Tree Whispering

Warm sun, cool breeze and the song of the birds enliven the deepening into mama earths guidance. What you see of these trees is two years of growth on 40 year old stumps. In traditional avocado management the practice is to let the trees grow tall and after ten years they are cut all the way back to generate new healthy growth. Alternatively we’re implementing a practice of keeping the avos trimmed every year to stimulate a longer lasting sustainable vitality and larger fruit production. Getting up and in every one of these trees is an art. Unique in every way, each tree is shaped with an intuitive guidance from the whole matrix of my environment. The bees and grasshoppers show me where to allow for growth, while interplanted coffee show me where to trim the trees as they ask for more light. It’s quite a conversation to have, ‘hey there tree, I honor your divine patterns of seemingly erratic growth, and see beauty and reflection in your ways, but may I bring some of my human organization to you?’ It’s normally followed by ‘trust the love in my heart to know I want the best for your long and healthy life, I love you’… When I approach “hacking away at trees” all day long in this way, I notice a HUGE difference in how my vibrational field is accepted in the intimacy of the ecosystem. I’ll go all day without falling out of a tree or having big branches hit me in the face. It teaches me how important it is to drop into the environments we enter to feel the field before we make our way through them.

​By Mellen – Resident Arborist, Wise Woman