Thank You for Choosing Our Farm For Your Table

Our ranch in San Diego, California is home to a family of nearly 1,000 avocado trees, lovingly stewarded by our family farm team. Sunshine, rainbows, fresh ocean breezes and birdsong bless the land as each tree gets individually cared for, fed, and pruned.

Beyond organic, our trees are not treated with any chemical fertilizers or pesticides, and are instead hand-tended with natural compost and food, beneficial insects, and nurtured within a natural rhythmic cycle of life. Our avocado trees bloom in the spring, bursting with flowers that are pollinated by happy resident honeybees, native bees, butterflies, and ocean breezes, producing luscious fruit that ripens the following spring.

Picked at the perfect time for immediate delivery, you will be amrazed at the vibrance, flavor, color, and size of these avocados! Satisfaction guaranteed.

​On behalf of our hard working trees, thank you for supporting small family farms and sustainable agriculture by buying your avocados directly from California trees.

Thank you for choosing our farm for your table.