Though our little farm business was only founded in 2015, I have lived on this beautiful land since 2004. Inspired by my neighboring farmers, I saw how fortunate I was to be able to steward the Earth and care for the avocado trees that have been in this region since the late 1960’s. In 2017 we received our USDA & CA Organic Certification and began practicing Regenerative Agriculture – a farming practice of building healthy soil. Healthy soil creates sustainable farming, clean water, and restored habitats; but most importantly it grows healthy food while sequestering carbon from the atmosphere, contributing the reversal of climate change.

In the years to come we look forward to sharing more fruits of our labor, such as coffee, herbs, flowers, and bananas, all of which are currently growing in our dense, layered system. Growing healthy soil for new plantings is easy. Just lay down a cover crop and let nature do the rest. Soil is meant to have a green hair-do; it is meant to have a solar powered plant partner taking in sunlight and carbon to provide sugars (carbohydrates) for the micro-organisms underground to build with. We don’t currently have working-animals to donate their poops but we do fertilize with all natural compost, which becomes fuel for the hard working, life-building micro-organisms. In our forested areas, we leave tree prunings where they fall and allow them to compost themselves. This is the way nature intended. Leaves fall and go back to the earth.

The above picture shows a neighboring test plot undergoing regeneration in just one-month! The small backyard had no ground cover and water would just run off. Now it is thriving with plant life, capturing water, and building nutrients to one day become a backyard garden for the owners’ kitchen.