Rain’s Reign

It has been raining in near perfect intervals for MONTHS in Southern California, helping growers save on water costs while filling aquifers and reservoirs. Historically, our combined farms have seen water usage as high as 5 million gallons per year, but we’re doing everything we can to reduce that by introducing water catchment bio-swails, new watering schedules, and a water treatment system to purify the water of the salts and chemicals which play a huge role in why growers have to water so much. We’ve invested lost of time and money into these new water wise applications in effort to maintain and sustain and more harmonious and biodynamic growing environment. 

Another amazing gift from the rain: Stinging Nettle. This green blessing is known to have every vitamin & mineral necessary for human health & growth & it loves growing in our neighborhood! We found it growing abundantly along a path which led to a nearby palm tree nursery. We asked the grower there if he was planning to use the nettle to which he replied it would soon be sprayed and killed. Yikes! Lucky we discovered it when we did. Common backyard weeds are a part of the living earth system and they have plenty of nutrients for health and vitality. Why do you think they keep sprouting back after they’re whacked? Let thy food by thy medicine, and thy backyard be thy farm-acy. 

Jason Mraz