Our Fruity Logo

Our logo symbolizes who we are with respect to how and what we grow.

We are a fruit farm hence we are trees. The tree in our logo is our home. All modern comforts, such as food, medicine, and building materials originate from plant life. Without the generous spirit of plants, there would be no modern comforts or commerce. We revere our trees and ask for their help on how best to grow them.

The seven leaves on the tree represents the spirits of the seven directions that converge in all things. East, South, West, North, Earth, Heavens, and Within. We know we can’t manage a farm alone, and so we are guided by the spirits of each direction.

The fruit symbols on our tree are coffee & avocado, which we grow with a lot of heart.

The curved lines extending to and from the base of the tree are our roots connecting to the 4 great elements of which we are made: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. This serves as a constant reminder that we ARE nature.

Although we’ve been tinkering in the grove since 2004, the year 2015 is the year we got married and decided to make farming our family business.

The semi-circle shape of our logo symbolizes sunrise, sunset, and the arc the sun travels in the sky above. Just as our farm is solar powered, we too can only work half the day. Let progress not just be measured on how much we accomplish in a day but also on how well we sleep at night.