Fun Facts About San Diego Agriculture

Agriculture is the 5th largest industry in San Diego County. San Diego is the #1 producer of nursery crops in California. The #1 producer of Avocados. #2 in farms with Women as principal operator. We are the 19th largest farm economy out of more than 3,000 counties. And we have more small farms (less than 10 acres) than any other county in the US.

5,732 farms within San Diego County are working to turn a profit. Full-time, part-time, large, small, conventional, organic, urban, rural, established or just starting out. San Diego boasts top crops in nursery, flowers, avocados, tomatoes, citrus, chickens & eggs, shrooms, succulents, strawberries, coffee & cannabis. Most of San Diego County farms are small 1-9 acre proprieties, and that awards San Diego County more certified organic growers than any other county in the nation. SD has more than 400 certified organic farms!

As growers, we are the first in a potentially long chain of hands that produce & handle the foods we love. But while being the first-in-line has advantages at the ground level, growers don’t get always get to reap the rewards at the retail level. Small farms especially need a direct-to-customer base to earn a fairer price on their produce. Buying direct from a small organic farm not only keeps them in business, it always tastes better too. San Diego County is home to 44 certified Farmers Markets throughout the county where food enthusiasts get to meet farmers & buy direct.

Besides growing, farmers have to comply with many ever-changing laws & fees relating to labor, water use, soil health, conservation, regeneration, and organic documentation. All of which can be a lot to manage when you have a farm to run. Big thanks to Farmer Justin & our talented, caring staff for making us one of the most pristine & compliant operations out there. And we thank You for supporting our small farm.