Box of avocados
Summer has arrived and so has the delicious Reed Variety avocado. Ask around. This is the farmer’s favorite! These big, rare, beautiful summer varieties will surprise you with their giant buttery yellow interior. Just like a typical avocado, only bigger and better! Perfect for spreading on sandwiches or using in recipes in place of butter. Organically grown to perfection. 5lb box typically ships 4 large Reeds. We pick em when you order em, so they ripen in your home. (Eat when they start to get soft on all sides. Don’t wait too late! Skin may not darken.)

We are now accepting orders for a limited run of gift boxes. Boxes ship each Tuesday via USPS Priority Mail for arrival within 2-4 days. 32.00 Price includes shipping and sales tax. (Offer exclusive to continental US* only; *Not available in Florida. Sorry y’all. Eat local. Everyone else can rock out with their Guac out.