Meet the Tree Huggers

About Us

We are committed to peace in the world through organic regenerative agriculture, fair trade and kind words.

Jason Bio Photo

Jason Mraz

Cultivator • Coffee Lover

Jason is a song poet whose career began in the coffee houses of San Diego in 1999. He became an orchard owner in 2004 and developed a fondness for farming. Some people collect cars. Jason collects fruit trees.

Justin Bio Photo

Justin Jonte

Farm Operations & Property Manager

Justin is the Keeper of Keys and Grounds at Mraz Family Farms. His responsible nature, gentle touch, resourcefulness, skills, and devotion ensures that the framework is in place for all beings on the land to be supported and thriving. Justin sees the big picture while also managing the smallest details, keeping our organic certifications and compliances in place, and works with an outstanding team to manage the land, crops, harvests, and sales.

Rachel Bio Photo

Rachel Jonte

Assistant Manager, Resident Land Steward

Rachel helps support the farm through a multitude of administrative tasks, communications, and labors. She is also our resident Wise Woman, a folk herbalist who grows medicine and food for our homestead as well as tending to the spirit of the land through offerings and ceremony. On any given day you will find Rachel tending to the garden altars, harvesting fruit, cleaning the chicken coop, organizing invoices, or sharing a post on Instagram.

Kahiwa Bio Photo

Kahiwahiwa Reimann

Farm Supervisor

Kahiwa’s presence has been a constant on the farm since 2017, his hardworking, caring hands tending to every plant on the land and contributing to its growth. As a full-time farmer, Kahiwa supports the entire operation with a special focus on the coffee trees, leading the team in maintaining their health in every way. His joyful spirit, strength, skill, and dedication are a key ingredient to the farm’s high vibe and are reflected in the beauty all around.

Athena Bio Photo

Athena Roberts

Farm Crew

Athena brings her wealth of knowledge, scientific background, curiosity, and caring nature to her work on the farm and we all benefit! After spending years working with animals as a zookeeper, Athena’s interest in the plant world led her to supporting us on the farm. Her eagerness to learn helps us all and her delight in every detail of the land is contagious. We are so grateful for her hard work and dedication.

Merry Ellen Bio Photo

Merry Ellen Ackema

Tree Specialist

A tree specialist and master pruner, Merry Ellen has been helping our groves grow for over 6 years now. We are fortunate to have her expertise in many areas of farming and growing, particularly in managing our trees and helping us create a year-round food and flower garden. Exceptional as both consultant and laborer, Merry Ellen’s gifts are treasured on the farm.

Jon Norvell

Farm Crew

As the farm handyman, Jon moves about the land fixing broken irrigation lines, fences, and helping troubleshoot anything that needs a hand. He’s always there to help in any urgent situation and has extensive knowledge of the land and irrigation pathways. He helps manage pests, weeds, and is a truly indispensable part of the team.

Jerry Bio Photo

Jerry Lindahl

Sustainable Product Specialist

Jerry comes to us from the music industry with decades of experience in product development, manufacturing, and customer service. His passion for re-use helps us see there is little waste on the farm. From trimmed avocado lumber to upcycled delivery palettes to re-use of shredded mail, Jerry finds a way to waste-not all materials for other uses, adding care, value, and uniqueness to our operation.