Meet the Tree Huggers

About Us

We are committed to peace in the world through organic regenerative agriculture, fair trade and kind words.

Jason Bio Photo

Jason Mraz

Cultivator • Coffee Lover

Jason is a song poet whose career began in the coffee houses of San Diego in 1999. He became an orchard owner in 2004 and developed a fondness for farming. Some people collect cars. Jason collects fruit trees.

Christina Bio Photo

Christina Carano-Mraz

Creator • Cook • Herbalist

Christina is an herbalist, wise woman, and an amazing cook. Once a café owner, Christina’s passion is service in the areas of healing with food and reinventing leftovers. Besides wasting nothing, her personal philosophy is simply, Love People. Cook them tasty food.

Justin Bio Photo

Justin Jonte

Farmer • Operations Manager

​It is said the best fertilizer is the farmer’s footsteps. In our case, Justin’s footsteps would be just that. Justin is THE MANager. Once an intern on the farm and now in charge of daily operations, Justin displays an intuitive wisdom and natural talent for cultivation. From sunrise to sunset, Justin can be found under his large-brimmed sun hat, surveying the landscape, seeing to it that our fancy subtropical fruits are flourishing.

Rachel Bio Photo

Rachel Jonte

Resident Land Steward • Communicator

Music, Love, and Peace are at our core and it is Rachel’s touch that provides the sonic and visual reflections of these practices in the field. On any given day you might feel the heartbeat of native drumming, see the twinkle of healing stones reflecting from our gardens and pathways, or smell the smudge of locally grown herbs burning for purification and protection. Rachel’s focus on land health, energetics, ceremony, and cultivation of beauty enhance the farm environment. Her love of land stewardship is evident in Rachel’s writing and communications efforts for the farm.

Scott Bio Photo

Scott Murray

Conservationist • Consultant

​Of Murray Farms and Edge of Urban Farms, Scott brings his 40 years of growing experience to our hills and meadows, seeing that our fruit trees meet the highest standards in today’s organic market.

Jerry Bio Photo

Jerry Lindahl

Sustainable Product Specialist

Jerry comes to us from the music industry with decades of experience in product development, manufacturing, and customer service. His passion for re-use helps us see there is little waste on the farm. From trimmed avocado lumber to upcycled delivery palettes to re-use of shredded mail, Jerry finds a way to waste-not all materials for other uses, adding care, value, and uniqueness to our operation.